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GEARING UP FOR THE GLOBAL YOUTH DAY: Area 3 District AY Rehabilitates a Borehole as Kawale Youth Sha

In a rejuvenated mood of this year's Global Youth Day, people of Chipwaila village Traditional Authority M'bwatalika in Lilongwe district had a bright day on Sunday of 11th March 2018 as Area 3 district Seventh Day Adventist Youth came to the rescue of their water problem.

The youthful christian soldiers who patronized the activity in their numbers, embarked on a project to rehabilitate a non-functional water borehole in the area of group village headman Chipwaila in the district.

Underlining the relief from the sweet news, group village headman Chipwaila Mr. Kennedy Chimkwasa appreciated the great gesture from Seventh-day Adventist Church having lost hope for quality water in his area: "This borehole has not been working for the past 7 years such that women have have to wake-up at 3 o’clock in the morning to look for water, but the coming of this restoration of our borehole is really a blessing to us.” Chimkwasa said.

Chimkwasa bemoaned the quality of water his village had been subjected to take as a result of the damaged state of the water facility: “I just thank God that my area has not been affected by cholera as we drink dirty water from the streams and rivers sometimes we drink from wells which are not covered and once we fetch the water, we just consume it, which is hazardous to our lives.” He added.

One of the beneficiaries for the rehabilitation project Tereza Nkhoma says as a woman she is very grateful with the coming of the project. Full of joy, Nkhoma further expressed her joy and optimism that the initiative would bring a great change to their lives since they would soon have clean water in the village.

Asked on why they chose Chipwaila Village, Director of Youth in the Central Malawi Conference Comrade Pastor Chancy Mchewere Banda says when they were walking around to see the needs of people in different areas, they found that a lot of women were gathered at a well with empty buckets and then they discovered that there is a need of water in Chipwaila village.

Comrade Mchewere Banda further highlighted that the initiative was inline with this year's theme for the Global Youth Day: “As the theme of this year is Food and Water Drive, different youth across the world are doing the same so as area 3 district youth; they are here today to launch the rehabilitation of this borehole.” He said.

“We are teaching the youth to be good Samaritans as we are the hands of Jesus Christ so these youths will contribute to this project on their own as one way of teaching them to give to the youths.” Mchewere explained.

In his remarks, Mchewere Banda says as a church, they are working hand in hand with the government in making sure that people have enough food and clean water.

The project costing about half a Million Kwacha is fully funded by the Adventist Youth of Area 3 district.

In a related development, youth of Kawale District of Seventh-day Adventist church had their turn on the designated day as they cheered the underprivileged children at one orphanage centre in the area. The centre with name 'Missionaries of Charity, Sister of Mother Teresa - House of Joy' is an orphanage care provider run by Utatu Oyera Parish of Catholic Church in Kawale, Lilongwe.

The district which comprise four churches of Kawale, Nanjati, Area 44 and Kamuzu Barracks had to convene in large numbers for the noble cause of the day where groceries and food items were mobilized for the theme day. The visit to the orphanage created a rare opportunity for most members of the youth to interact with fellow youngsters at the centre that created a memorable time.

Launched on March 13 2013, the Global Youth day (GYD) is the the day when thousands of Adventist young people from around the world engage in acts of service in their local communities.

The vision of GYD is to recapture the reality of Adventist youth as a global movement mobilized for service, contributing to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel and ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ. There is a lot more to religious faith than simply going to church and listening to sermons. The true practice of religion involves the revelation of God’s love in living out Jesus’s gospel commission as He bade us to before He ascended to heaven: through all manners of selfless acts that point a desperately needy world to the ultimate hope of the better world He has made possible for us. Grounded in the concluding words of Jesus in the parable of the Good Samaritan, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:25-37), the theme of the Global Youth Day is “Be the sermon.”



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