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My Visit to Gogo Namasiya: Sorrow, Hopeless and Helpless can best describe the feeling

Today I visited Gogo Namasiya in Mzumazi, TA Mtema, Lilongwe rural. The woman is a widow. The husband died long ago. She has two sons who live in Mitundu doing small business She found herself in this situation because at one point she left her village and went to Kasungu in search of greener pastures. When things did not work to her expectations, she decided to return home. She then constructed her mud house which collapsed after the first rains this year. This left her homeless One of them visited for one day while the other one last saw her about three years ago. One son sent her soap and a chitenje The woman lives in a "house" made of poles and sticks. Has no beddings, almost 99% of what she has if from the garbage dumping sites popularly known as kumtaya including food that she had today is soya flour gotten from the same The villagers said they are willing to contribute but they have not been helping because they are also poor as there is no business they can do. They said they feel bad for the woman especially if its raining as she just sits covered in plastic sheets.

The woman also narrated that her garden which she used to cultivate in was left to her brother the time she had left for Kasungu but later the brother refused to give it back until he died and now the chiefs in the area told her to wait until they resolve the issue but for now she should be gathering left over harvests in people's gardens. She also narrated how much children throw stones towards her house a claim which the chief failed to dispute The chief said they can contribute sand, fetching water and digging foundations among others The villages has bricks for sale within. We tried to look for a house to rent temporarily but there was none As we were leaving, showers had just started and we left in great sorrow, hopeless and helpless.

I am Emily Egolet - Director of Women Ministries at Malawi Union of Seventh-day Adventist Church. Godo Namasiya need your urgent support!

For further details, Emily can be reached on phone numbers 0999819879 or 0881018000.

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