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Matowe Saturation Centre Shuts Down ....Church Members Beaten as the Word Sways

File Photo: Saturation satellite centre

It happened after the evening lesson of Tuesday 26th September 2017 that Saturation satellite centre called Matowe had to shut down abruptly, on strict directions from the Traditional Authority of the area - T/A Chitukula. CMC Communications has been well informed that the center which is in the Lilongwe North West District of Central Malawi Conference had been experiencing program disruptions by the T/A's family member since the inception of the saturation revival meetings on 3rd September 2017.

It is understood that on the fateful day, a family member from the area leader invaded the center as the Prayer Band was interceding for the day's lesson which centered on Judgement. It was further reported that worse than the previous times, this time the intrusion was advanced with bad mouthing, and decorated with false witnessing against the servants of God.

The T/A who was reportedly drunk at the time responded to the false accusation with great fury and violence to the church members, beating them in the process and ordering immediate shut-down of the revival center - and in the process, banning the presence of Seventh Day Adventist Church in his area.

The incident which manifests the existence of the Great Controversy happens at the height of the great Seventh Day Adventist revival meeting in Malawi dubbed 'Saturation 2017' which ends with a Big Sabbath on 30th September 2017. For the past 25 days, the event has revived many souls who have chosen to receive Christ as their personal Savior.

Persecution is not new to the believer. The bible has always demonstrated the great transformation that associates the peak of persecution. As in Saul, our prayerful cry should convert the dear leader and use him for His children!



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