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Act of Compassion: Women House the Challenged Mr. Jeke...Put him on Wheel chair

Dorcas Women from Area 18 District saw it wise to evangelise Kauma area of village headman Kamchira by building a house for a 74 year old a Mr Jeke.

Led by Area 18 District Leader,Tabitha Ngaiyaye, the women started the project plan in 2015 but commenced the work in 2016.

Tabitha told this reporter that the project which had usual challenges along the way, costed the Women about K850,000. "we had problems mobilizing cash resources, but tireless effort was the key. We thank God that as the journey continued, many people felt moved to join the cause to the end", Ngaiyaye explained.

In addition to providing Mr Jeke with a house, the Women extended their discipleship by donating a wheel chair to the physically challenged and aged man. Pedrek Jeke, son to the old man thanked the women for the good gesture and could not think of anything than joining the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

" I really thank these women. My father had problems in walking, but look, they have provided him with a wheel chair. I have decided to join this church because it cares", confessed Pedek.

In her remarks, Lilongwe City Zone Women Ministries President, Mrs Magola, praised the Lord for using the women that had participated in the call. The excitement of glory was echoed by Shepherdess Zilinde and Village headman Kanchira who asked the Women to continue visiting the old man and doing the same to others.

Jeke is married, with seven children.

The project preached to the entire village, and rendered ten people to accepting Christ as their personal Saviour.

" I thank God for what these women have done, and let all women go flat out in evangelism. Am impressed. ". These were summary remarks by the Central Malawi Conference Director of Women Ministries, Mrs Chimwemwe Guluka.

Jeke's initial home



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