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Shepherdess Sophia Mtiyesanji Laid To Rest

The body of Shepherdess Sophia Mtiyesanji was laid to rest on 8th of July 2017 at her premises in the eastern boundary of M'bwatalika mission. After a long period suffering from breast cancer, Gogo Mtiyesanji passed away on Thursday 6th July.

Sophia who was born in 1928 had five children and twenty four grandchildren. Her husband joined the ministry as a teacher in 1948 at Thambani. In 1981 he became a pastor and first ministered at Mtaja SDA church. Having retired in 1991, Pastor Mtiyesanji died in 2006.

Shepherdess Mtiyesanji had served the church for 69 years until her last breath. She was well known for being a "hardworker and helper" at all times.

1st samuel 20 vs 3, death is a foot away from us, so lets prepare ourselves at all times.

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