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Adventist Youth Excites T/A Kaomba Residents With Saturation 2017 News... watch video

People of Mpapa village in Chief Kaomba's area in Kasungu district were inspired by the Adventist Youth from Mlangali church, Area 23 ( Lilongwe ), Mpapa and Kachere churches who went house after house announcing the upcoming great Crusade in September 2017 termed SATURATION 2017.

Departing from the usual style of church programmes which involves singing and recital of verses among fellow Adventists, this time the youth took a different approach by invading the village promoting good news about the forthcoming crusade.

In welcoming friends from far, Kachere Youth leader Yamikani Mphande made an outright declaration of intent: "Our friends from Lilongwe, Mpapa village is our assigned area for Saturation 2017 campaign, as such,we have to go straight to the people and preach to them," said Mphande.

The programme took place on the 17th of June and attracted the attention of the entire vicinity with Village headman Mpapa expressing his excitement with the news of the upcoming crusade:"am speechless to hear about this amazing program coming in my area,I wish all other churches could emulate". He said.


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