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“One Member One Soul”: Little Catherine Wins Rachael in Kasungu

A Presbyterian mother Mrs Ellah Yagontha Munthali from Gundani Village, T/A Kaomba in Kasungu recently surrendered her daughter, Rachael to Kachere SDA church.

Mrs Munthali’s act was a result of the love her daughter got from a young Adventist in the name of 8 year old Catherine Sichinga on whom it is learnt is a committed AY member at Kachere SDA Church.

The beautiful story is such that having been moved by the call for One Member One Soul program at church, Catherine moved in to bring her best friend Rachael to church for routine youth programs.

Rachael could no longer hide the excitement on experiences she enjoyed at AY and resorted to inform her parents her soul-winning decision to join Seventh Day Adventist Church!

"Mamie, I have decided to join Seventh Day Adventist church from today", narrated Mrs Munthali when she sought audience with the Youth Leader for Kachere SDA church Maureen Mkandawire on one Sunday afternoon.

"Madam I have decided to surrender my daughter, Rachael, to your church because she told me that she enjoys the church’s programmes. Rachael has been frequenting your church with her friend, Catherine. I hear you sometimes go to the lake in Salima yearly, please, let me know such schedules so I can be paying for her", said Mrs Munthali.

In his recent visit to Kachere SDA Church, Central Malawi Conference president, Pastor J.A.G. Phiri got the good news about the two girls and was all joy for the OMOS success. "I am so impressed with Catherine, One Member One Soul should not spare the kids, everybody should really take part regardless of the age." said the president.

“One Member, One Soul,” is a Seventh Day Adventist initiative which encourages every member to reach at least one person for Jesus every year. Members choose any method they like: personal evangelism, small groups, community services, Bible studies, or Christ’s method of meeting physical needs first.



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