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Communication Department Develops a CMC Mobile Application

A new mobile application for the Central Malawi Conference has been developed by the Communication department of the church.

According to the Central Malawi Conference Website Manager, Henry Kopa, the application named cmcadventist will run on Android and iOS devices. It will be available for free download on Google Play and iOS App stores. ‘‘The application will feature Upcoming Events, User interaction through Messaging and CMC Facebook link, CMC News, Bible - with audio facility, downloads, bible quiz etc. To install cmcadventist mobile app on Android phone, open Google Play Store, type and search for cmcadventist, once found, Install the application''. He said.

Kopa further hinted that one more exciting feature on CMC Mobile Application is the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. With this feature, updated or new articles will pop up a notification on your mobile phone just the same way you are able to tell that there is a new chat on whatsapp or other application! This means all users with cmcadventist application installed will not miss any important communication!

''We are urging the public to install the application which is already running live and provide feedback''. He said. Do not Miss that One Important Notification That May Save your Life - Stay Updated, DOWNLOAD & INSTALL cmcadventist !


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