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Adventist Men of Mchesi SDA church rescues 51 members

Adventist Men Organization (AMO) of Mchesi Church members on Sunday 26th February 2017, came to the rescue of 51 hunger stricken members of Sinyala Seventh-Day Adventist church in Lilongwe. The men shared with the members maize and salt.

The members who comprised of men, women and children were each given 15kgs of the staple grain and half kilogram of kitchen salt. The need to help was discovered during a follow up visit the AMO members had in regard of a crusade conducted in September last year. The beneficiaries gathered in the church at 11 o'clock in the morning and were present in the afternoon hours of the Sabbath singing hymns and choruses as they waited for the help.

There were smiles of hope and relief all over and it was evident on their faces when the distribution exercise started. The members peacefully and happily got their share as songs of praise were being sung. Speaking after receiving his portion of the aid, Mr.Nedson Chankhumba, one of the beneficiaries said that the aid by AMO really demonstrates the love of Christ on His people.

“I thank God that He has made it possible for us to receive maize today. This really shows that Jesus loves us”, he said. Chankhumba further explained that the exercise will help to increase church membership. “I will not stop coming to church. I have had this opportunity because I fear God and worship Him. This is also a sign of love among church members and believe that other people join the church when they hear this".

In his remarks Mchesi SDA church first elder Mr. Nelson Malunda, thanked the members for their patience and encouraged them to continue praying. “My message to you is that we should all continue coming to church and praying all the time. When our friends backslide, let’s find time to visit them and bring them back to the church’’, he explained.

Malunda further encouraged the members to love one another.

In his remarks,Mchesi AMO leader,Alamu Mhone said that they were compelled to assist the needy due to the drought that hit the area.‘Many christians had no food,and we had to assist them.We shall also be distributing maize to some selected needy people of Mchesi church‘.He said.

Mchesi SDA church conducted a crusade in the area through its AMO department as recommended by the Central Malawi Conference Personal Ministries Department of being an area of few Adventists. During the crusade which evangelists Dinala was the preacher,Sixty one members were baptized and Mchesi AMO has been visiting and helping the members with several other needs as one way of nurturing the new converts.



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