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Sankhwelere Church calls for support, as Ngodzi sounds SOS

Newly established Sankhwelere Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church in Area 25 District, Lilongwe, is a branch of Sector 7 SDA. The church opened in 2016 after a two week evangelism meeting which was conducted by Dorcas. So far over 90 percent of members are new converts.

Since most of the members of the church are new, some members from Sector 7 Adventist Men Organization (AMO) led by Elder Symon Kaime volunteered to assist and worship at the church until the local members can work independently and are well established in their faith.

With the help of the main church, the leadership of the branch has been working extremely hard to make sure they have a structure. So far a structure has been constructed so that members have a shelter for worship during the rainy season. However, the shelter does not have a roof, as such, there are still fears that rains may disturb worship, therefore, may affect attendance of the new church members.

Meanwhile, heavy rains have severely destroyed Ngodzi SDA church in Salima, Chipoka District. The entire roof of the church was blown away.

To this end, there is need to continue assisting and praying for churches and families that have been affected by the heavy outpour. Well-wishers are welcome to finish the church at Sankhwelere and also assist in roofing of the damaged church in Salima and other churches.

So far Malawi has been experiencing heavy rains that have destroyed a lot of property. According to the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services of Malawi, heavy rains will continue until the end of March.

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