Adventist_Muslim Relation Training Held in Malawi

Malawi Union Conference held their first Union-wide Adventist_Muslim Relation training.

The Adventist_Muslim Relations is a service oriented ministry. This ministry builds the bridges of understanding with Muslim communities. It aims to equip believers to be able to interrelate well with their Muslim friends, neighbours, relatives and work associates.

Adventist_Muslim Relations works hand in hand with the outreach programs within Seventh Day Adventist Church. It is for the fulfillment of God's mission as per Revelation 14:6.

The training which was conducted from 12th to 15th January 2017 was facilitated by Samuel Lumwe from the General Conference and Silas B Muabsa from the Southern Indian Division of the Seventh day Adventist Church.

Pastors from South Malawi Field, Central Malawi Conference and North Malawi Field were in attendance.

The AMR ministry is based on the following values:

  1. As Seventh Day Adventists, we take our rightful position as the people of the book who uphold the truth as stated in the Holy Bible.

  2. To establish common grounds with our Muslim friends that will enhance redemptive relationships.

  3. That, we are called to prepare the world for the soon return of Jesus the Messiah.

  4. We endeavor to share the truth as it is in the Bible with great humility and respect of other people's cultural practice and beliefs.

  5. We have been called, each one of us and our goal is to reach every people group for Jesus

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