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Indeed Seventh Day Adventist Church is a growing Church. This has been confirmed on Sabbath, 18 June 2022, when two churches, Gwaza and Madzanje baptized 100 at the close of the two weeks campaign meetings.

Both churches started their crusades meetings on 5 June 2022.

Gwaza meeting was taking place at Gwaza ground while Madzanje meeting was taking place at chief Kwataine's office premises.

At Madzanje, the preacher was MG Samuel Phiri while at Gwaza the preacher was lay pastor Symon Chandamale.

Both preachers expressed satisfaction during the whole period of the meetings.

However, according to Samuel Phiri and elders, they faced a challenge of disturbance from football activies in the first two days which made them to ask for alternative venue from the village head who provided the ground out of his office.

The campaign meeting at Gwaza Church was organized by Personal ministry while that at Madzanje was organised by Adventist Youth department.

The baptism was conducted by pastor Bryson Sikelo who is at present at Malawi Adventist University, .

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