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Current Projects at Central Malawi Conference

Small Room Project (SRP)

  • Small Room Project, is a project through which our Conference administration seeks to build houses for our pastors and staff. The concept and nomenclature is based on the 2 Kings 4:8-17 story of the Shunemite woman who persuaded her husband to build a “small room” for the itinerant Prophet, Elisha.

  • Central Malawi Conference has very few houses for its pastors and staff. At the present CMC’s staff stay in rented houses and we spend an average of 2 million Malawi kwachas (about 2, 912.920 or 2,008.072 GBP) every month in rental costs. We believe by constructing our own staff houses it will enable us to free up money to be pumped directly into our evangelistic outreach activities.

  • Our church members and the general public are encouraged and invited to partner with us in providing that “small room” which our ministers need and deserve as they serve the Lord in preparing the world for the soon return of our Lord. You can either donate cash for this project and or donate  a house in the area where we need one or build one yourself on our behalf. You can get details of our recommended house plans and other necessary details from our secretariat by emailing us on

New Mission Establishment Project—Dowa

As you may read from our strategic  plan document, Central Region of Malawi has many parts which have not been reached by Seventh-day Adventist Church. In an effort to reach out to these masses, Central Malawi Conference would like to plant a new mission center in Dowa, which is one of the least entered political districts and is more central in the region, and use the same as a launch pad for various missionary and social community development programs. We intend to construct a primary school, secondary school, a church and a clinic on this new mission Centre and possibly a technical college in the future. We need your help. You can donate towards this project and be part of the hands of Jesus touching the lives of people in Dowa and the surrounding political districts and bring smiles on their faces. For more details, CONTACT US

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M’bwatalika Mission

M’bwatalika Mission is one of our old mission stations. We have a primary and secondary school on the mission. However, the infrastructure is now dilapidated. We would like to change the face of the mission by constructing a modern primary and secondary school. Plans are already out and work has already started. We need your help.

Thete Mission Development

Central Malawi Conference has 9 hectares of land which has lied dormant for decades at Thete in Dedza. We are now revamping the mission. We would like to construct a secondary school and clinic at the mission. A task force has been commissioned to manage this project. Plans have already been drawn and have already been approved by the Malawi Government, too. We need funding for these projects.

Church Projects

We have church projects across our Conference. We have many congregations which do not have proper infrastructure for worship services. You can click here for a full list  of where we need help of this kind and contact for the pastors  of those churches where we need such help. You are welcome to adopt and sponsor any church project from in our territory.


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