Pastor John A.G. Phiri

   Yunos Kamba

Kasiya Gule Wamkulu Open Warm Arms to Christ 

Mchesi Adventist Youth conducted a two week evangelistic crusade at Katsumwa village, in Kasiya, Lilongwe. The crusade ended o 29th October.  On the last Sabbath of the crusade, a member of the locally traditional cult named “gule-wamkulu” was amongst the sixty-three people who accepted Christ as their Savior and were baptized on the very same Sabbath


Thakisoni (the gule- wamkulu member) found himself at the crusade venue on the Friday night of the 28th in a drunken state. When the evangelist, Comrade Sydney Gondwe made the last appeal, Thakisoni was amongst those that responded. “I have been a member of the gule-wamkulu cult for four years. I started with ‘the mute animal‘, then I graduated into Chadzunda, an advanced masked animal. But all these years I did not find peace. The night I heard God‘s word at the crusade, my heart was troubled. I told my wife that I had made up my mind; I was going to be baptized. She didn’t believe me” said Thakison.


After baptism, Thakisoni led a group of church members; Elders, the Pastor and Comrade Sydney Gondwe the evangelist to his house to show them the masks. ‘In fact I wanted them burnt‘said Thakisoni. The wife, who is a member of African church negotiated with the elders not to burn the masks in public for fear of being chased out of the village. They agreed to consult the village headman first before burning or handing them over to the cult.


The sixty-three baptized members will form the first and only Adventist church in the area. They will be fellowshipping at Katsumwa Primary School. The Headmaster of the school who attended the closing ceremony offered one classroom to the church.


The baptism was conducted by Pastor Kwaule at Katsumwa River which is in Mankhamba village.

Pastor Thomo Chisale of Mchesi Church asked the newly baptized members to remain in the Church and avoid getting discouraged by people. ‘People will discourage you; others will disappoint you, but don’t dwell on people, look up to Christ. Said Pastor Chisale.