Pastor John A.G. Phiri

Willan Mkandawire,

Communications - Kasungu

Rastaman Surrenders to Christ at Dedza Effort

There was jubilation and joy at Chiyembekeza village in Dedza when sixteen people got baptised following a two week evangelistic crusade organised by two groups: Dedza AY at Chiyembekeza vge and Family Voices at Nthandizi vge. Evangelist comrade Edward Chithumba led the Chiyembekeza crusade while Evangelist George Gondwe was at Nthandizi village. The crusades started on the 11th of Sept and ended on the 24th of the same month.

Four weeks before the crusades, people of Lisa area were also graced with a crusade conducted by Elder Macford Malingaliro where thirty seven got baptised. One of those baptised at this area was a man of Rastafarian cult who always came to the crusades drunk! True to the model of Christ's discipleship, Effort stewards allowed him to be attending  the crusade as free as all congregants. When an appeal was made, he accepted Christ as his personal Savior. However there was chaos as the members to be baptized lined up for baptism and the Rasta loyalist was nowhere to be seen - everybody thought he had withdrawn!

When the obvious thought was rife, everyone was thrilled to see him coming with a new look! Asking him why he had delayed, the response was re-affirming: "I was cutting my dreadlocks to show my switch to Christianity". The entire church applauded him with a BIG AMEN!