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A Gloomy Mood As Area 25 Escorts Ps Zilinde 


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Lilongwe North-West District recently organised a farewell sermon to Pastor J.B Zilinde following his relocation to Area 18 church.  Pastor Zilinde who had ministered the district for the past four years and six month, was described by the district as a kind shephered and famous even among children according to the comments by one district Elder.


During his tenure, the district has benefited a lot in its evangelistic activities. Pastor Zilinde would be specially remembered for his unmatched visitation program. According to to one Mr Mazunda, Pastor Zilinde could reach unentered areas on door to door visitation. Several choir groups witnessed and commemorated the farewell event.  Elder Kafumbata exepressed the general feeling of the district membership that they would indeed miss Sheperdess Zilinde as well!  Sheperdess Zilinde was the pioneer of several Efforts, that resulted in the opening of new churches. In appreciation to the pastor's family, Christians from the area brought different gifts.

Prior to the farewell event, the pastor conducted his final services as district pastor with a highly charged Effort that won 32 souls as well as conducting of Holly Communion. The Effort that was organised by Sector 7c Jesus way, had Elder Phonela as preacher. People from all branches of the district came in to witness this function. The branches include Sankhwerere, Yepa, Ndonda, Matanda and Matowe. 


Oflate, Central malawi Conference has seen a number of movements in Pastor's church allocations due to factors such as appointments into secreteria offices. Details of other movements will be published soon.


Escorting the pastor to his new home were Dorcas women , Adventist Men and Adventist Youth. However, as the tears rolled down, a sudden face of joy was visible among the members as they welcomed Pastor MAZENGERA to the district.

Pastor and Sheperdess Zilinde

Elder Phonela

Dorcus Women