Pastor John A.G. Phiri

Jacqueline Juma Makako


It was a beautiful Sabbath on 31st December 2016, being the last day of the month and year 2016.


There were a lot of activities during this Sabbath day.


The Sabbath School was conducted by 2 P's & a C! Paul Nyasulu, Promise Makako and Chikumbutso Mpando.


They reminded the church about creation and there was a story about three trees; the trees wanted different things in life,  The first tree wanted to be the tallest of them all for visibility, the second tree  wanted be used in making a ship so it can carry Kings and Queens and the final tree wanted to be used as a treasure box, unfortubately before they grew to fulfil their desires, the three trees were cut down, the first one was used as a cross to crucify Jesus (as such every body saw it), the second one was used as a small boat that carried Jesus on the river where Jesus calmed the waves (as such, it carried the King of Kings). The last one was used as a plate that Jesus used (as such, it was used as the plate of the King). All three trees had their dreams fulfilled but in a different way they had desired.


Lesson from the story was, As we are entering into the year 2017, we need Jesus to fulfill our dreams.


Mrs. I Kafuwa narrated the children’s story about a prayer during divine hour


The sermon was conducted by Pastor Dingani Mfune (Area 3 District pastor) and he read:

Holy Communion

Where Jesus fed 5000 men

Groupd sharing responsibility during charades


Matthews 15:8; “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me”.


“Our desire should be to honor God, every breath that we take, every moment we are awake, Lord to have His way in us”, preached PastorDing.


Some look for money, we think coming to church, God will bless us with the worldly riches, we forget to praise God with all our heart for our salvation.
He asked the following questions;


- Where is your heart?
-How are you living?
- Have we amended those broken fences, have we bridged those bridges?


“Desire of Ages page 6”.


On closing, we took a moment or two to lift our burdens to Christ.


It was Holy Communion day where 92 members (37 Male members and 55 females members)were part of the service.


In the afternoon, there was musical program, later in the way the Pastor conducted a Bible Quiz and charades (Bible Stories).


There were four teams involved in the quiz,  the third team won and it was told to do a special song as their prize.


Lastly to close the Sabbath day the departmental leaders for 2016 had their moment to share to the congretation all the works done in 2016 and handed overs noted to the 2017 chosen administration and all were excited to start God’s work in the new year and hoped that 2017 will be more productive.


A Blessed 2017 God's people.

Musical program