Evelyn Mzingwa

             Henry Kopa

A Record 375 People Partake the Last Holy Communion of 2016 at Area 49

240 Women and 135 Men

375 people devoted and reflected on their relationship with Jesus Christ by participating in the last Holy Communion of the year 2016 at Area 49 SDA Church on December 31. 

The ceremony which was presided by the District Pastor, Julius Chambwe, was an epitome of a revival week that preceded the day.

The revival themed "Kuyenda ndi Yesu Mmasiku Otsiriza" centered on Matthew 11 verse 28. In his ceremony, Pastor Chambwe encouraged the church to make choices and decisions inline with their relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Chambwe's inspiring message also pierced on the gossipers, fornicators, the church untouchables. He rebuked the tendency of  back-biting and gossip among the church membership. He further condemned the hypocritical nature of most Adventists who appear Holy on the Sabbath while their daily business goes as normal elsewhere.

Mid way the ceremony, a plea was made again to those that had earlier opted out of the Holy Communion to reconsider their decision inline with their relationship with Jesus, which saw many others queuing up to wash their feet!

Speaking at the sidelines, the newly elected Head deacon for the church Mr Tithokoze Khonyongwa was over the moon with the impressive participation of the Holy communion by a majority of new converts that are barely 3 months in the church. These accounted for about 50 people and were mainly members of the new church branch - Kaluwiyo.

The well charged day progressed with departmental handovers and later it was celebration time as the new year began with a night of praise. Henry Kopa, CMC Communications