Pastor John A.G. Phiri

Grace Mazunda

Over 600 Commit To Christ in Crusades


Lilongwe North West District

As Christ commands us in Matthew 28 verse 19 to go in the world and preach the Gospel to all nations Lilongwe North-west District took the call and held three Crusades from 2 October to 22 October 2016. The crusades took place in different places with an aim of  "preaching the Gospel to all nations”.


The first crusade was held at Kalambo primary school ground where the Director of Youth in the Central Malawi Conference Comrade Pastor Chancy Mchewere Banda delivered the message of hope and the daily theme was “Look upon Jesus to find hope”. Evangelist Mandala of Area 25 Seventh Day Adventist Church was the preacher at Kabwabwa Primary School ground and Evangelist Mpita together with God's Family Voices held the third crusade.


This is the first time for Lilongwe North West district to hold crusades of such nature and over 600 people gave their hearts to Christ and were baptized. It was great to witness not only the new converts, but other former SDA members who had stopped attending church came back to Christ and are now attending church as before. During the crusades we faced a number of challenges some denominations/churches had plans of disturbing the Crusades because the powerful message that was being preached for instance we made a booking for chairs from non- Adventists who agreed to let us use the plastic chairs but they came a few hours before Sabbath hours to return the money they were given so as to disturb the closing of the crusade but the Lord was on our side and we overcame all the challenges.


"We have seen the Lord fighting for us during the crusades, these areas have been unreachable but the Holy Spirit whispered to the hearts of men and women who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior" says Pastor Mazengela a Lilongwe north-west District Pastor.