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Evelyn Alinafe Mzingwa,

CMC Communications


Lilongwe City Zone In Triumpant Entry of 2017

The Young women of Lilongwe City Zone started the year 2017 off in prayer. The Sabbath evening of 7th January 2017, young women from various churches in the Central Malawi Conference Lilongwe City Zone came together in prayer at Area 3 SDA Church for a night of Prayer and Praise. The theme of the night was: NURTURING THE YOUNG WOMAN- GROWING SPIRITUALLY .


The young women were blessed to have Shepherdess Kuyama (Malawi Union President's wife) open the evening of prayer with a sermon from the 4th chapter of the book of Esther. She mentioned how Esther’s obedience saved God’s people from genocide and that the reality is that Esther didn’t know what would happen when she approached the King. She acted in obedience and by doing so she saved a nation and received the best. Shepherdess Kuyama then reminded us that as young women we ought to be obedient to God, we are called to His ministry for a purpose and we should continue being faithful to His word.


The first session of prayer had the congregation praying for the following


Protection by Shepardess Botolo
Love and kindness by Mrs Angola
Togetherness by Mrs Kafuwa.


Pastor Kadango of the Central Malawi Conference highlighted the importance of prayer stating; prayer allows us to communicate with God; We gain confidence in God;
We are disciplined by His word. She later advised the Young women through a presentation that explained the six general themes that represent a theoretical description of Dr Holland's Six Vocational orientations and applied them to the young women. These are:


This theme represents pratical, physically oriented type of people. These people prefer outdoor activities with a strong sense of touch, they work well with their hands, they are a group of people who are typically conservative and aggressive and prefer to be alone.


This theme represents a group of people who emphasize thinking rather than action. They have good analytical skills and problem s olving yet slow to act. This group also prefers to be alone and are most comfortable working with ideas and concepts.


This theme represents the emotional, sensitive and creative type of people. Their interests and talents typically are in the arts. They are nonconformists. They are mostly comfortable working with creative objects and concepts.


This theme represents outgoing personalities, they place high priorities in contributing to the welfare of others. They enjoy close, interpersonal relationships and tend to be popular and optimistic. This group is most comfortable working with people.


This theme represents the verbal, dominating type of people who excel as Public speakers. They are self confident, persuasive and prefer leadership. This group prefers communication over intellectual endeavours and are most comfortable working with people especially when they are in a dominating role.


This theme represents the type of people that prefer to just follow and are very conscious about rules and other people's expectations. They are most comfortable working with people and just follow what is told to do.


This presentation helped the Young women to identify the right characters for specific roles in the ministry  and also in career guidance, life partner choice and church roles.


During the prayer sessions, the Young women prayed for the Leadership in the Women Ministries department for God to place the right people in the right departments to help God's work to excel with excellence all for his Glory.


Central Malawi Conference Dorcas Leader Mrs Magola was also present and gave a sermon centred on the book of Ruth chapter 1 titled KUKANGAMIRA ( Pressing on). She drew the attention on how Ruth stuck by Naomi's side and did not opt to return back to her home. She encouraged the Young women to press on for Jesus, to not let go of His word and keep looking ahead and not focus on where we are coming from.


The night of Prayer was a night that centred on the following prayers:
- Spiritual Growth,  Jobs, Marriages, Courtship, Authentic Relationships, Our country Malawi, Our economy of Malawi, People in our schools, Families, The Church and it's leadership, Young Women Ministries, Central Malawi Conference and Union Leaders,  Health and Church programs.


Young Adventist Women Ministries ( YAWM) for Central Malawi Conference is chaired by Evelyn Mzingwa of Area 3 SDA Church, Vice Chair is Mwayi Yonasi of Area 24 SDA Church, The treasurer is Revia Maseko of Gulliver SDA  church and Secretary is Jessica Mvula of Gulliver SDA church. The executive members of the group are Thoko Kadango and Violet Ngoleka.


The night of prayer and praise had 132 young women present from the following churches;


Area 3, Area 23, Area 24, Area 41, Area 18, Falls, Central Church, Tambalale, Gulliver, Mvama, Nsewa, Chipwaila, Chankhandwe, Likuni, Chigwirizano, Kakule and Bwatalika.


The Central Malawi Conference Executive members we also present; Mrs Kumwenda and Mrs Nyasulu.


To God be the Glory for He made all things possible. It was a night of prayer and praise to be remembered.


"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you" - Matthew 6: 33.  - Evelyn Alinafe Mzingwa - CMC Communications

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