Evelyn Mzingwa

Henry Kopa, CMC Technology

Youthful Pastor Dingani Kazgeba Mfune Finds Love

Gets Engaged to Evelyn Alinafe Mzingwa

On Monday 26th December 2016, many Pastors and Shepherdesses gathered at Cherub Private school to witness the engagement of youthful Pastor, Dingani Kazgeba Mfune to  his sweetheart Evelyn Alinafe Mzingwa.

The last born son and the first born daughter  of the Mfune and Mzingwa families enjoyed thier colourful traditional engagement which attracted support of many church members in Lilongwe city zone.


Dr. Pastor Saustin Mfune and his wife, Getrude Mfune together with Mr Ezra Mzingwa and his wife Julliet Mzingwa were so happy to see their children going through the second phase of their love life journey.

At around 16:35, we saw Pastor Ding as he is popularly called by many kids, putting a ring on Eve's figure as a symbol of love. Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.

Pastor Ding stole Aunt Eve's heart and she will by God's grace still his last name next year.