Evelyn Mzingwa

Evelyn Alinafe Mzingwa,

Communications - Area 3

Central Malawi Conference (CMC)- YOUNG ADVENTIST WOMEN MINISTRIES (YAWM) Cheer The Sick At Dowa District Hospital

12th November 2016, a Sabbath day that saw the Young women of central Malawi conference in Dowa district.


Young women who came from as far Salima, Dedza and the local churches in Lilongwe city zone congregated at Dowa SDA church where they conducted the Sabbath school under the theme, The Young Woman. They emphazied the importance of young women in society, in the church and in the homes. They also emphasized the roles women play in Christianity referring back to women in the Bible for example Esther and Hannah.


Dowa SDA church on this very same Sabbath was bidding farewell to their Pastor, Pastor Gomani who has been transferred to Tete. The young women blessed the occasion by singing at divine service and Pastor Gomani preached his last sermon as the District Pastor of the area. Pastor Manase who was in the district for an effort was also in attendance. In his Sermon, Pastor Gomani encouraged the Young Adventist Women Ministries to continue preaching the gospel and reaching out to the needy for we are living in very hard times and people are suffering in our hospitals. The little anyone can help with will surely not go unnoticed by the most high God.


Illness can be an extremely stressful and terrifying experience. It’s often even worse when you are not the person who is sick. While we wait for doctors to do their part there is little one can do to change the situation, or give the sick person relief from pain. Whether the illness is short or drawn out over years, the experience is exhausting. As the Psalms offer comfort in the midst of difficult seasons like these, because they are the prayers of people who are in distress, YAWM felt the need to comfort the sick in Dowa district hospital.


1 John 3:17
"But whoever has the world's goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?"


In the afternoon, YAWM together with the CMC executive members and other Dorcas leaders made their way to Dowa district hospital where they sang  sing songs of praise and shared the word of God with patients and guardians.


Towards the end of the outreach, the ladies shared a few items with the patients: Maize flour, Sugar, Salt, Vaseline, Orange Squash, Soap. The Young Women visited 7 wards; Labour ward/latent, TB, Children's ward, Male ward, Female ward, Antinatal and Postnatal.


Every patient received an assorted bag of items and anything in excess was left  with the hospital officials.


To all the churches that made this possible, Thank You


 Proverbs 14:31
"He who oppresses the poor taunts his Maker, But he who is gracious to the needy honors Him".


May the name of the Lord be praised.