Pastor Dingani Mfune

Pastor Dingani Mfune

Reflections Devotional

Ever had one of them days where you just sit and think? There are times when you find yourself thinking about almost everything under the sun, and other times you are more focused on one or two things like your job, family, struggles, joys, choice of life partner, school, children, what to eat, what to wear, where to fly to for your next holiday; the list could be endless.


The past couple of weeks I have had time to think. Not so much on where I am going but more on where I am coming from. A time of reflection. I realized I didn’t always have perfect days. Not everything turned out the way I had wanted or planned it to. I recalled how at times I questioned God. How I was mad at Him for not answering my prayers or delaying when I felt I needed Him most. I looked back and in the same frame I saw how patient He was with me. How He had things all planned out for my good. How He was waiting for me to trust Him and His timing. I looked back and saw how the Lord had mapped out everything for me. As the year comes to its close, I have taken the time to reflect not just on the year 2016, but my past as a whole, for only when I look back to see how the Lord has led me in the past will I have the strength to move forward. Like Jeremiah I have had many ups and downs and like him I can say, great is God’s faithfulness ( Lamentations 3:23).


I look in the mirror and the reflection I see is not a perfect one, the past year has not been perfect, the years gone by have not been perfect, but all along the way I have had a perfect God by my side. I now move forward in His strength, by His grace!

Have a moment of reflection; see how real God has been in your life.

Now you are ready to move forward. Happy 2017 friends!


Ps. Dingani Mfune