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Thank you for choosing to support!

The Church will, this year in September from 3 to 30, conduct a big Revival Meeting, dubbed "Saturation 2017" at Bingu National Stadium and is organizing about 1,000 satellite centers in the central region alone to beam the crusade. The plan is to preach the word of God to all Malawians from 6 to 7 pm using all main television and radio stations at the same time. The initiative requires a lot of money to spread the gospel of salvation to Malawians.


We thank you for choosing to contribute towards meeting the budget of this Saturation 2017.  You may deposit your contributions in the bank accounts for Central Malawi Conference (CMC) as follows:


                     1. FDH Bank,          Capital City,  Central Malawi Conference,  A/C:  1970000025267

                     2. National Bank,  Capital City,  Seventh Day Adventist,           A/C:  1001866571


Please email your deposit slips and fund transmission details to the Central Malawi Conference Chief Finance Officer. 


Alternatively, you may contact  the following:


Chair person: Saturation 2017 Resources committee;  Phone: +265 99 549 8972

Saturation 2017 Donation
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